Request your free data warehouse health check

By analyzing usage patterns in your data warehouse, we provide insight into the performance of your BI, along with concrete optimization recommendations.


Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After a quick 30 minute call to understand your requirements, we run our technology on your data warehouse. By parsing query logs and table metadata we generate a complete picture of your data warehouse usage and structure. From there, we apply our domain expertise to create your report.

What kind of data do you access?

We only require read access to metadata tables and we will never inspect the contents of the underlying tables and columns. We will let you know if you have over-provisioned the access level to your data warehouse so it's never above what is required.

Is it secure?

Our technology is built on proven open source frameworks and uses all of the security measures you would expect from a modern data platform. We offer different ways of running the technology, including in your VPC network, to meet your security requirements.